UpCircle Beauty Review

UpCircle Beauty Review

UpCircle Beauty was established by Anna Brightman and William Brightman of UK brand UpCircle, taking an innovative approach to finding natural ingredients. Their team utilizes upcycled waste from food industries like coffee grounds and stone fruit peels which they turn into powder for use in their formulations.

Their products are vegan-friendly and cruelty free, eliminating waste while also avoiding palm oil and chemicals.

Founded by Anna Brightman and William Brightman

UpCircle Beauty was established by sibling duo Anna Brightman and William Brightman to offer cruelty free, vegan skincare and makeup products with zero waste production. Reusing coffee grounds, tea leaves, argan oil, maple bark extract and chai spices as ingredients into skincare and makeup products as well as using recycled glass and aluminum packaging are key aspects of UpCircle’s mission.

UpCircle Beauty Review
UpCircle Beauty Review

UpCircle Face Serum is one of the top sellers from this brand. Containing recycled coffee grounds from London cafes, shea butter and chamomile to nourish and moisturize skin cells; perfect for sensitive skin as it doesn’t leave behind a greasy residue!

This skincare and makeup company makes eco-friendly products that work! Check out their website here and use code “cword” for 20% off; offer ends soon & applies both full sized products as well as sample sizes!

Using upcycled coffee grounds

Coffee grounds left to rot in landfills release methane gas, an environmental toxin. UpCircle Beauty has made it its mission to give these nutritious byproducts new purpose by including them in their skincare line as a face scrub and body wash product. They also utilize other organic waste such as processed chai spices or chamomile stems that would otherwise go to waste.

Low waste philosophy extends from their packaging, which is 99% plastic free and recyclable, while supporting sustainable farmers by purchasing all natural and organic ingredients from organic cafes in London.

The Coffee Face Scrub is made with antioxidant-packed Arabica coffee to provide your skin with maximum rejuvenation benefits and is vegan-, cruelty- and COSMOS certified for added peace of mind.

Using upcycled rose petals

Upcycled beauty (also referred to as by-product beauty) is an eco-friendly trend that utilizes waste byproducts from various industries to craft new beauty products. This method recycles ingredients that would otherwise be wasted, like coffee grounds from cafes and fruit stones from olive oil and jam production facilities, into useful beauty products.

This brand’s Rose from Above SPF 30 Sunscreen Base is made with recycled rose petals, while their Black Tulip Overnight Retinoid Serum uses upcycled hibiscus flower cells to promote skin barrier-protecting regeneration and COSMOS-approval – free from phthalates, parabens, sulfates and mineral oil!

Treat your hands with the fast-absorbing hand cream from this brand, made of upcycled hibiscus flower acids to revive dry skin and remove pollutants, dermatologist-recommended and made vegan with shea butter to keep hands soft and hydrated while being zero waste, eco friendly, cruelty free and vegan friendly! It even has zero waste!

Using upcycled wood

With sustainability becoming an ever-increasing priority among shoppers, brands are prioritising eco-friendly features in their offerings – such as reusable or recyclable packaging as well as sustainably-sourced ingredients like Atlas Cedarwood from Ellis Brooklyn’s Super Amber fragrance – rather than directly sourcing it – helping reduce overcultivation of an endangered species and the environmental impact caused by petrochemical processes.

UpCircle Beauty is another eco-friendly brand, using industrial byproducts such as coffee grounds from London cafes to create natural skincare products with recycled ingredients that are better for both you and the planet. Their eye cream contains coffee oil that boosts collagen while constricting blood vessels to minimize fine lines – the company even offers a return and refill scheme so waste doesn’t accumulate!

Using upcycled chia seeds

Chia seeds are packed with essential nutrients that are great for the skin. These tasty seeds provide calcium, vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids – as well as antioxidants to help combat fine lines and wrinkles.

Chia seed powder combined with water can be mixed to form an effective facial mask for relieving acne and blemishes while moisturizing your skin and eliminating excess oil production. Furthermore, this mask acts as a natural exfoliator and works to strengthen and keep hair strong and healthy.

Cranberry seed oil has emerged as a hot trend this year in beauty, used in products to support healthy skin and hair. Givaudan Active Beauty is capitalizing on this ingredient’s anti-oxidant properties with their new cosmetic ingredient called Omegablue made from upcycled wild bilberries to combat dryness caused by inflammation or disruption to lipid barriers.

Using upcycled ginger

UpCircle Beauty is a low-waste beauty brand that uses recyclable ingredients in their skincare line, such as coffee grounds, chia seeds and ginger that would otherwise be wasted. Their products come packaged in 100% recyclable tinted glass jars and bottles for easy recycling; their signature coffee face serum resembles sweet buttercream scent that quickly absorbs into skin without leaving an oily feel behind.

This company produces products with both organic and natural ingredients that reduce waste, including upcycled ingredients like Arabica coffee grounds from London cafes as a base, fruit pits from discarded fruit, chai spices, ground repurposed chia seeds, as well as upcycled ginger in soap bars that help purify and energise skin conditions such as acne. Their coffee scrubs also include pink clay to reduce irritation as well as organic cinnamon and ginger oils to promote circulation.

Using upcycled date seeds

Date seeds offer an eco-friendly alternative to coffee grounds. When roasted and ground into a powder form for use in beauty products, their natural flavor combined with vitamins and minerals makes it the ideal cosmetic ingredient. Studies have also demonstrated their oil having antiaging and elasticity-enhancing effects that benefit skin health.

UpCircle uses recycled ingredients to formulate skincare formulas that are both beneficial to you and the environment. UpCircle takes natural waste such as used coffee grounds and chai tea spices that would otherwise end up in landfills and transforms them into beauty products your skin will adore. They even offer 100% recyclable tinted glass jars and bottles for their products, helping reduce food waste and plastic pollution!

Using upcycled chai spices

UpCircle Skincare is a skincare brand that employs upcycled natural ingredients in its products, such as upcycled chai spices, pink clay and organic cinnamon and ginger oils, to purify and revitalize skin. Their organic palm oil-free soap bar uses upcycled chai spices, pink clay and organic cinnamon and ginger oils derived from recycling to purify and energize the skin. All their products are vegan-approved with recycled packaging that is 99% plastic-free to complete this 99% plastic-free commitment; UpCirle elevate leftover natural ingredients that would otherwise end up in landfills such as used coffee grounds or used coffee grounds used when brewing tea spices are made.

Using upcycled argan shells

Upcircle stands out in an age when we increasingly consider sustainability when purchasing beauty products, by using recycled ingredients like coffee grounds, rose petals and chai spices to craft natural and vegan-friendly skincare formulations – including cleansers, body creams and serums that have all been dermatologist approved and are cruelty free!

This face moisturiser is designed for all skin types and contains finely ground powder derived from recycled argan shells discarded by the oil industry – an eco-friendly byproduct containing essential antioxidant vitamin E. Plus it’s packed with cocoa butter for soothing hydration without feeling greasy! Additionally, dermatologist-recommended and 100% vegan. Even its packaging is plastic-free as glass and aluminium packaging with recyclable plastic caps and spray nozzles!

Using upcycled oats

Oats are an amazing natural ingredient. They form an occlusive layer on your skin, protecting against harmful toxins and chemicals while being rich in flavonoids that help prevent UVA damage and promote brighter complexions.

Bring some nourishment and gentle cleansing into your skincare regimen with this luxurious and gentle cleanser. Packed with upcycled oat powder and aloe vera extract, this non-foaming face milk protects and repairs damage to the skin barrier while leaving it velvety soft and smooth.

Made in the UK, this vegan skincare is cruelty free and eco-friendly. Oats used in this product come from upcycled food waste – giving your skin treatment while giving back to our environment! Suitable for all skin types; its formula includes hibiscus flower acids that revive dry or damaged skin while being free from synthetic ingredients as well as paraben and phthalate free!

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