Trending Winter Lipstick Colors

Trending Winter Lipstick Colors

Though red lipstick is the go-to winter hue, there’s also no harm in opting for something less traditional like burgundy berry shades – they work beautifully regardless of skin tone and can look particularly lovely in winter. Try the MAC Burning Love or Soft Autumn Mac Twig collections for this type of hue!

Violet hues add an eye-catching and mysterious element to your winter makeup look, whether that means opting for light hues like the L’Oreal Paris Infallible Purple Kiss or dark options such as the MAC Rebel.


Winter-inspired reds may be timeless classics, but berry hues have also become fashionable this season. Try opting for something soft like this shade that is ideal for cool-toned complexions; wear it to dress up any casual party look and elevate everyday looks at work or school alike! For something even sexier pair it with your LBD and sharp eyeliner for an alluring night-out aesthetic!

Rich brown lipstick can add an eye-catching splash of color to any ensemble, particularly one meant for medium to dark skin tones. Pair this bold hue with natural blush and smoky eye makeup looks for an unforgettable glow!

Trending Winter Lipstick Colors
Trending Winter Lipstick Colors

Cruz Lipstick offers another top choice with their Cranberry Slash Berry shade of lipstick. Perfect for those who wish to experiment with red lips without feeling intimidated by scarlet or crimson hues, it looks particularly striking against cool-toned complexions and pairs well with blue colored eyeliner or dark gray or black eyeshadow colors.

This lipstick stands out as it has passed the vibe check, smudge test and flake inspection (we all know how important that can be!). Plus it contains nourishing ingredients to prevent chapped and cracked lips.


If you’re having difficulty choosing a lipstick color to wear this fall or winter, terracotta hued lips might just be what’s needed! With its earthy yet sophisticated hue, it pairs nicely with anything from an evening smokey eye look to casual day-to-night attire – and best of all it complements all skin tones perfectly!

Brown lips may be synonymous with autumn, but terracotta lipstick can work just as well in winter! This earthy hue offers all of the versatility of brown while adding an element of surprise like orange to avoid overpowering fair skin tones.

Berry lipstick is another seasonal beauty essential that works perfectly in cooler months. If you prefer something less vibrant than its full-on versions, muted cranberry shades may work better as an everyday shade and will complement burgundy eye makeup perfectly.

If you prefer darker and vampy lipstick shades, burgundy is your go-to shade this winter. Pairing it with a smoky eye or wearing it to formal events makes this shade versatile; just be sure to moisturize your lips beforehand, since darker lipstick shades tend to accentuate dry patches more. We love Lisa Eldridge’s shade which features an impressive blend of plant oils and butters for luxurious lips – plus, it is cruelty free and vegan, which we applaud!


If red lipstick shades aren’t your cup of tea, a rich brown hue might just be what’s needed to add depth and dimension to your lips. Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Chocolate Frost looks beautiful against tan skin tones and pairs well with natural blushes; or for something moisturizing that won’t flake, give Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick Violet Audacieux a try instead!

If your ideal winter lipstick shade is a deep pink that appears natural yet isn’t too sheer, try opting for a cool-toned rose or pink shade like Burt’s Bees Radiant Rose Lipstick in Dusty Pink for something suitable. Rosy-brown tones flatter most skin tones while this formula delivers both the benefits of lip balm as well as pigmented lipstick application.

For a bolder look, a deep wine-hued lipstick is an ideal way to stand out. L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Reds of Worth Lipstick in Successful Red is an elegant, sophisticated option that will stand out at all your holiday parties while being suitable for more casual settings as well.

Winter months offer the ideal opportunity to showcase darker hues. Pair a vampy red lip with burgundy-hued eye shadow for a stunning monochromatic makeup moment, or opt for darker brown as another chic, sophisticated makeup look – such as the MAC Burning Love lipstick which works for most complexions and pairs well with caramel-hued eye shadows.


If you’re feeling adventurous this winter and looking to add an edge to your makeup look, violet may be just what’s needed to elevate it. A cool-toned violet lipstick works wonderfully on cooler complexions while looking stunning paired with smokey grey or black eyeshadow looks.

Cranberry shades offer the ideal compromise between pink and red shades; their rich, deep tones suit all skin tones while looking sophisticated when worn with sharp wings and bold blush.

Berry hues can make quite an impressionful statement on darker skin tones, so if you plan to wear this bold color this winter, ensure both eyes and lips are defined well. To achieve an even application of lipstick without feathering issues, use a lip liner like Vino Nightmoth or Cyber World before applying lipstick.

This velvet matte lipstick provides an easy and even application, without smudging or flaking, using its soft blurring formula infused with magnolia bark extract and royal orchid to provide maximum hydration. Plus, its non-settling matte texture won’t settle into lip lines or flake as you sip hot cocoa or wine without worrying that your lipstick might come off during sipping! Baddie is a classic dark brown shade that pairs perfectly with puffers or relaxed jeans!


Though berry hues were once fashionable in summertime, mauve lipstick is becoming more and more of an autumn staple this winter. Renowned for enhancing cool complexions and providing an ideal complement for gray or black eyeshadow looks, mauve lipstick works well with various dress colors and skin tones alike.

Mauve has often been described as pink trying to be purple, and this description is generally true. This soft hue made up of red and blue pigments has long been popular for fashion, art, and interior design projects alike. The hue has long been associated with femininity and romance while remaining stylish without going over the top.

If you’re searching for an effortless winter lip shade that won’t dry out your lips, try selecting a nude or pink-ish nude lipstick shade. These versatile hues work great whether outing with friends or attending formal events – pairing well with both tan/brown dresses as well as sweaters.

Cruz recommends MAC’s Successful Red as the ideal red lipstick to elevate your winter look, featuring skincare ingredients to keep lips hydrated throughout colder weather months. This shade is versatile enough for formal occasions as well as everyday adventures! Plus, its classic formula provides maximum coverage!

Pink-ish Nude

This winter is seeing the resurgence of an ideal nude shade: one with subtle undertones of pink that won’t quickly smudge or fade. According to celebrity MUA Camara Aunique who works with Angela Bassett and Chloe x Halle as well as others such as Chloe x Halle; it could also be ideal for regular mask users since its application won’t smudge easily or fade rapidly.

This lipstick shade blends both cool and warm tones for easy matching across skin tones and complexion types. Perfect for medium skin tones as well as those who possess golden or warm complexions, try pairing this lipstick shade with soft smokey eyes or bold blush for an effortlessly girl-next-door aesthetic.

Rather than opting for traditional red lipstick shades like scarlet, try switching things up this winter season by going for cranberry red instead. It will look stunning against an LBD with sharp wings.

Winter lipstick colors offer bold or natural looks to lift your mood and increase confidence, so stock up now to be ready for those cold-weather adventures! Additionally, be sure to hydrate your lips first so the lip color lasts without creasing or flaking off over time!

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