How to Find a Beauty Source

How to Find a Beauty Source

Beauty brands are struggling as the global supply chain crisis affects every step of production. Some cosmetic companies have responded by ordering more products upfront or working around materials that may be hard to come by.

An effective website design can have a powerful influence on buyer journey and customer experience. To ensure optimal user satisfaction, all product pages should load quickly and be easy to navigate.

Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty’s customizable shampoos and conditioners offer solutions tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of each of its clients, whether they struggle with high porosity, color protection or volume issues. From high porosity shampoos and conditioners to fragrance options to meet these specific goals, Function of Beauty provides custom solutions with its customizable shampoos and conditioners formulated by Zahir Dossa of MIT (who holds four degrees there!), Function of Beauty offers innovative haircare products worth trying.

How to Find a Beauty Source
How to Find a Beauty Source

This brand uses an interactive quiz to assess your hair needs, then tailors products specifically tailored to them. Their all natural, cruelty-free products won’t do any damage to your locks and feature no sulfates or parabens; and are composed from clean ingredients which meet European cosmetic safety standards.

Function of Beauty products are available both at Target and the company’s website, where quizzes allow customers to assess their hair type and needs so they can personalize a custom product just for themselves. You may be able to create one product that covers multiple needs such as hydration, detangling, color protection or deep conditioning – giving them maximum effectiveness!

If you are unhappy with your results, the company offers to reformulate it free within 30 days, similar to Prose’s 30-day guarantee. Although this might not provide complete satisfaction with their product, this option remains an effective one if something doesn’t go exactly according to plan.

Overall, these products are very cost-effective; an 8-ounce bottle of shampoo costs just $25! Plus, there is also a subscription program where deliveries can come monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly for added savings – 20 percent off your first personalized shampoo and conditioner order can also be found here!

Hudson Made

Upstate fashion and beauty boutiques have seen tremendous growth. The Mara Hoffman pop-up shares space with Wylde; The Quiet Botanist features Tata Harper and Osea products; its store is situated within an alleyway lined by flowers and bricks – its cozy interior boasting natural wood floors with imperfections, as well as walls in shades of sage green paint.

Hudson Made is located in the Catskill Mountains of upper state New York and prides itself on using botanical and flower-sourced ingredients to maximize nature’s restorative power. They strive to minimize their environmental footprint by procuring as many raw materials and production within 200 miles of their Hudson Valley farm.

Hudson Made has you covered when it comes to providing an apothecary-style pick me up; their Morning Shift Body Bar combines rose geranium and mineral salt with pure rosemary, peppermint, and eucalyptus oils to bring awaken your senses. The result is an elegant combination of fragrance with cleansing skin-nourishing ingredients for optimal skin nourishment.

At Hudson Beauty Boutique you’ll find both local and national brands. Look out for Face Stockholm–an iconic New York-based brand now based out of Hudson–with its popular cream blushes such as their popular Cranberry Lip Veil product from their famed 90s line of products, or take home an aloe vera mist spray packed with vitamin c and essential oils designed to soothe and refresh you face and neck area.


ColorPop made its debut on the makeup scene in 2014 and quickly gained notoriety for its affordable, on-trend products at an accessible price point. Their diverse offerings, impressive formulas, and iconic status made ColorPop an indispensable part of many beauty routines. Since then, their offerings have expanded further – even reaching Sephora stores – but does ColourPop really sell at Sephora stores and where can customers find these products?

ColorPop, as an affiliate of Seed Beauty, enjoys access to all the facilities and resources of its parent company – this allows the company to produce such an extensive line of products at such an economical price point, and quickly introduce Kylie Cosmetics.

Kylie Jenner’s brand, while technically independent from ColourPop, shares the same parent company. That explains the truth to those rumors regarding her collaboration – her line and ColourPop have an ongoing partnership and each brings unique teams, products and formulas to the table.

Laura and John Nelson launched a Los Angeles-based makeup company that quickly rose to become one of the market leaders. Not only are its bestsellers less costly than drugstore products, they are cruelty free and made in America as well.

Recently, they teamed up with Ulta to share its vibrant colors and on-trend products with more people. Their collaboration will include offering select best-selling products as well as new launches exclusively available through Ulta stores across the US – these can also be found online through Sephora stores! It represents an opportunity for both companies to broaden their reach.


Follain is a clean beauty retailer based out of Massachusetts that sells both its own line of skincare products as well as non-toxic brands from other companies. Their products use eco-friendly packaging with minimal shipping costs that ship fast. Follain’s products feature clean ingredients made with no animal testing involved and they use eco-friendly shipping costs that remain reasonable and fast compared with competitors like Beautycounter or Urban Decay.

Tara Foley established her company in 2013 on a quest to find more eco-friendly skin care options, creating non-toxic yet effective and holistic brands in order to bring clean beauty products to the masses. Since then, her company has become one of the leaders in its sector.

Follain products can be purchased both online and at one of their physical stores, offering an array of clean beauty items like facial oils and makeup that is safe for sensitive skin – as an added benefit! Their prices are highly competitive with other retailers in this space, plus there are often deals to be had!

Follain products provide clean beauty products with visible results, using non-toxic ingredients that are good for both the environment and skin health. Plus, their fragrance-free formulas make them suitable for all skin types!

Clean beauty products from this line include clean cleansing oil, balancing toner and clarifying serums; dual detox mask for brightening and toning complexion; soothing moisturizer that’s great for dry or combination skin; as well as offering free samples to new customers – an easy way to test out products before purchasing! Their website even offers this amazing opportunity!

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