House of Beauty Beauty Products

House of Beauty Beauty Products

Beauty is subjective – no two people experience its effects exactly the same way. A light pink lipstick might not suit every skin tone and shampoo made for curly locks might not work just as effectively for straight locks.

Enter Function of Beauty, a brand offering custom hair products tailored specifically to each customer’s individual needs. After taking an easy quiz, customers select their product(s) and delivery frequency (monthly, bimonthly or quarterly).

Customized Formulas

When it comes to beauty products, one size does not always fit all. While one shade of concealer may work on all skin tones equally, or shampoo intended for curly locks might not suit straight locks as effectively. To address this problem, some companies provide customizable formulas designed specifically for you and your individual needs.

Prose offers an online quiz to help you build your personalized hair care regimen. The quiz provides answers based on questions about your hair type, scalp moisture levels and goals to determine the optimal products combination for you. Furthermore, fragrance, color and bottle labels can all be personalized accordingly. While some users have reported finding Prose products costly; others report significant improvements in health of locks from using them.

Function of Beauty provides customized hair products. Their website features an interactive quiz that allows customers to customize their own shampoo and conditioner, according to hair type, structure and scalp moisture levels, then choose up to five “Hair Goals” like frizz control or deep conditioning for each bottle’s logo – as well as their preferred fragrance!

House of Beauty Beauty Products
House of Beauty Beauty Products

Function of Beauty prides itself on using natural ingredients, but they do utilize some laboratory-produced products in their formulations – making it the ideal option for those who wish to avoid harsh chemicals while still desiring quality products.

Add extra products to your order, like leave-in masks, serums and mists that will enhance results – some from Target but many exclusive to Function of Beauty!

Function of Beauty’s website is straightforward and user-friendly, with an easy navigation and quiz that takes only minutes to complete. After building your hair profile, select your ideal formula and set product size/frequency delivery parameters as well as use their FAQ section for answers to common queries.

Natural Ingredients

This company strives to use natural ingredients in its formulas whenever possible, eliminating those which are known to damage hair such as sulfates, mineral oils and phthalates as well as those harmful for the environment (petroleum). All their products are gluten-free, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly – perfect for sensitive skin!

Shampoo and conditioner from this line include ingredients like grapevine sap and antioxidant-rich chamomile extract to nourish scalp and hair, while their leave-in conditioner contains aloe vera for moisture and chamomile extract for soothing the scalp and reducing inflammation. In addition, its bottles are constructed from recycled materials with low profile caps designed to reduce waste.

Another of its products, a dual-conditioning relaxer and maintenance system, features natural essential and carrier oils, butters, shea butter and shea nut oil to provide moisture and essential lipids needed for healthy hair strands. Plus, its formula features African botanicals, herbal extracts and oils which combine to increase resilience, softness, manageability, shine and growth!

Customers have the option of purchasing products individually or through the company’s subscription service, which enables bimonthly, monthly or quarterly deliveries with a 20% discount off your first shampoo and conditioner order. Subscribers also get first dibs on new items that become available.


House of Beauty products tend to be more costly than their drugstore counterparts, reflecting their custom approach and high-quality ingredients. An 8-ounce bottle of shampoo costs $29 while 16-ounce conditioner costs $49. Additionally, subscribers have the option of receiving deliveries every six months, three months or monthly as their subscription can be suspended or terminated at any time.

House of Beauty’s selection offers something for every one. With makeup, hair supplies and fragrances all in one convenient spot – you won’t be sorry you came! Start exploring your inner beauty now – they have plenty of reviews from customers so why wait! Shop today and discover your inner splendor. You won’t regret it!

Subscription Service

Subscription services offer us an ideal way of replenishing the products that we rely on most for beauty, like travel- and full-size samples that can be sampled before making the decision to buy in bulk. They may even introduce us to products we may never have tried otherwise!

Ipsy and Birchbox offer quick quizzes that allow them to recommend shipments tailored specifically for your skin tone, product preferences and hair care goals and needs. Others such as Function of Beauty offer more extensive assessments which allow them to tailor orders based on what works for each customer individually.

Madison Reed offers another beauty subscription service that specializes in personalizing orders for color-treated hair, offering customizable color services with customizable coverage and shade selections to meet each customer’s preferences. Plus, their Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free products and smart 8 ingredients prioritize safe and healthy formulas – making Madison Reed an excellent option for men looking to prioritize self-care and wellness through discreet at-home treatments that can save time, money, and effort!

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