DamDam Skincare Review

DamDam Skincare Review

Clean skincare industry is experiencing unprecedented demand for minimalist routines and trustworthy plant ingredients, creating an opportunity for upstart brands like DamDam to thrive.

Giselle Go and Philippe Terrien, former magazine editors themselves, collaborated to establish Japan-based DamDam as an expression of slow beauty through ritualism and heritage ingredients.

Nomad’s Cream Purifying Cleanser

Nomad’s Cream Purifying Cleanser is a gentle yet potent exfoliating cleanser enriched with the Japanese root crop Konnyaku for maximum exfoliating action and purging environmental toxins, improving skin barrier function, and maintaining clear complexions. Granules made from finely milled Konnyaku powder physically exfoliate to remove impurities while tea tree oil and licorice root extract help restore balance to skin; its antiseptic ingredients such as tea tree oil and licorice root extract assist in returning the skin back into equilibrium – suitable for all skin types including sensitive ones! Plus it meets Clean at Sephora without list and its fragrance-free formulation meets Clean at Sephora standards and is fragrance free!

DamDam Skincare Review
DamDam Skincare Review

How to Use: Gently massage a dime-sized amount of Nomad’s Cream into your face and neckline before rinsing thoroughly with water, before following with serum, essence or moisturizer as your preferred routine.

Discovery Set Bento Box

DAMDAM’s commitment to regenerative farming and traditional Japanese skincare can be seen throughout their full line of products, but their Discovery Set Bento Box stands out. Offering a complete self-care ritual including double cleansing, hydrating mist and nourishing cream. Conveniently sold at Sephora for easy discovery of this brand; products are Clean + Planet Positive meaning no phthalates, parabens, petrolatum formaldehyde oxybenzone octinoxate coal tar hydroquinone triclosan insoluble plastic microbeads etc – perfect way to explore this brand!

Little Wonder Lip & Skin Balm

Wonder Balm is a multitasking salve and modern skin therapist loved by supermodels Gisele Bundchen, Miranda Kerr and Karolina Kurkova – it even soothes their lips! Crafted with plant-powered butter containing botanical ingredients known to improve skin, Wonder Balm soothes lips, cuticles, elbows and heels as it moisturises them from lips to cuticles to elbows to heels! Ideal for dry lips it also serves as natural first aid kit hand lotion eye cream and tattoo aftercare – not to mention cruelty free products are this wonderful little product made in America! This vegan and cruelty free product.

Made with organic food-grade ingredients that are free from synthetic fragrance, parabens, phthalates, gluten and GMO’s; 100% satisfaction guaranteed in the USA.

MOCHI MOCHI Luminous Face Cream

DamDam stands out from other clean beauty brands by using natural and heritage ingredients that are 100% traceable, such as its Mochi Mochi Luminous Face Cream which combines benefits from herb shiso with phytic acid from rice for soft, plump skin like its namesake dessert dessert. This philosophy can be seen most clearly with their Mochi Mochi Luminous Face Cream which blends the benefits of both ingredients to produce stunning results that look just like its name sake dessert!

This moisturizer also contains glycerin, which hydrates skin from within and provides lasting hydration throughout the day. Furthermore, rice-derived phytic acid acts as an anti-ageing ingredient by protecting against sun damage and brightening pigmentation over time for an inherently radiant complexion.

Hydration doesn’t stop with this moisturizing cream! Little Wonder Lip & Skin Balm provides instantaneous relief from dry lips and cuticles, unruly locks and even dry spots on the body – an absolute essential item to have in any purse or day bag!

Discovering Japanese beauty can be intimidating, so this Discovery Set Bento Box from Sephora is an ideal place to start! Packed with Nomad’s Cream Purifying Cleanser, Mochi Mochi Luminous Face Cream, Silk Rice Cleansing Oil and Paradisi Mist Hydrating Essence; you’re sure to experience all that DAMDAM offers – plus all their collections at damdam.com too! What products have been your favorites so far? Tell us in the comments section!

Skin Mud Pure Mask

Dead Sea’s mineral-rich mud has long been used to purify and revitalize skin. Our formula harnesses this power by using it as the base of our face and body mask, eliminating excess oil while cleansing pores, exfoliating dead skin cells away and softening dry or sun damaged areas of the face or body. Ideal for normal to oily skin types as well as combination skin thanks to adding jojoba oil and charcoal powder, our mask will reveal fresher looking skin!

Every day, our pores are exposed to dirt and debris that can lead to breakouts. But thanks to Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty brand’s Fenty Mud Mask, our pores can now find relief from this battle of dirt. Packed with cleansing and purifying ingredients like eucalyptus oil, kelp extract and Irish moss extract for an invigorating minty experience when applied, our tester noted no irritation while wearing this cooling jelly-like mask for just 20 minutes! It dries quickly while our tester was wearing it – despite having sensitive skin conditions during her experience with other brands’ products that often caused skin reactions on sensitive skin types during use of other brands’s products!

Kaolin clay absorbs impurities that clog your pores, while vitamin C targets uneven tone and dullness. Coconut oil provides moisture retention for healthy skin barrier function and moisture loss protection, all without parabens or fragrance. Plus it meets Clean + Planet Positive standards which means no harmful ingredients have been included – an absolute must-have in your weekly purifying ritual!

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