Beauty and the Beast Earrings

Beauty and the Beast Earrings

Make your gift truly extraordinary with jewelry inspired by Beauty and the Beast’s characters and symbols from its film adaptation. Charms that feature Belle, Beast Lumiere Cogsworth as well as other icons from this animated tale make the ideal gift.

Fashion or costume jewelry consists of everyday materials like crystals and plastics, while fine jewelry includes metals and precious gemstones. When selecting an appropriate piece for someone else, be mindful of their age, preferences and style.


Necklaces are an easy and fashionable way to complete any look, and there are numerous types available. Choose from beads, gemstones, metals and plastics when selecting your ideal necklace design – it could feature beads, gemstones, metals or plastics in its composition as well as various shapes and lengths. Some necklaces even boast pendants, crosses or other embellishments hanging from them while there are even those printed with full pictures or designs! No matter the style of necklace you opt for – all have three key components in common: chain/cord fastener and embellishment(s).

Beauty and the Beast Earrings
Beauty and the Beast Earrings

Pearl and diamond necklaces are among the most popular options, ideal for formal events and adding a touch of elegance to casual ensembles alike. Other popular types include matinee, choker and princess neckline designs.

A matinee necklace typically measures between 20 and 22 inches long and rests directly above the bust, sitting just beneath your chest. Adorned with beads or stones, this style looks particularly striking when worn with dresses featuring plunging necklines. Also ideal for layering up with other necklaces to bring more attention to breast area while further enhance ensemble’s visuals.

A choker necklace typically measures 12-16 inches long and wraps tightly around the neck, fitting closely. Made of materials such as pearls or crystals; or more precious materials like gold, silver or other precious metals – chokers are typically worn to mark special events like a wedding anniversary.

The princess neckline typically spans 16-18 inches and sits just beneath the collarbone. This type of necklace can be combined with other jewelry pieces to make a statement or as a centerpiece; additionally, this piece of neckwear makes an excellent way for women to showcase their neck and shoulders.

Beauty and the Beast featured several striking necklaces that captured viewers’ attention, most notably Belle’s round branch necklace she wore when dancing to “So This Is Love.” The delicate butterscotch color silk ribbon and artistic round pendant made us all think of fairy tales, making for a romantic scene in front of a castle. Additionally, its branch pendant made us think of the forest that surrounds it. Recreate this necklace using our step-by-step instructions and be sure to use appropriate beads and supplies that suit your particular style. Or create something truly original by customizing it for someone special by customizing their favorite character from the film!


Bracelets have long been used as an indicator of status and affection between people, and a way of conveying feelings. Bracelets come in various styles – from sleek bangles to those boasting multiple charms or intricate designs; nowadays there are even customizable bracelets with affirmations messages to show someone you care.

Jewelry featuring gemstones has long held special meaning for its wearers, representing birth months, personalities and character traits in a symbolic manner. You’ll even find bracelets featuring single gemstones or multi-stone clusters which can be personalized according to wearer needs.

Pearl bracelets feature a soft, feminine aesthetic that works well with various outfits. Pearls make for an eye-catching statement piece and pair perfectly with casual denim jeans as well as more formal attire such as gowns or cocktail dresses for formal events. You can even combine several types of bracelets together to create your own signature look!

When purchasing bracelets, be sure that your chosen style complements both your overall appearance and lifestyle. A leather bracelet can give off a more masculine vibe; beaded bracelets may better suit bohemian tastes. In addition, be sure to purchase pieces made of durable materials like stainless steel for long-term wearability.

If you’re shopping for someone special, a Beauty and the Beast Earring Set makes an excellent present. Crafted to look like characters from Disney’s movie including Belle with her beloved rose, these earrings come packaged in an attractive Disney-themed box making it the ideal accessory to complement any special event or occasion.

Bracelets make great presents, but they can also serve as an enduring memento of special times and memories. You could use one to mark milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations or milestones such as milestone graduations; there are even models designed like lockets that allow users to store photos or other mementos inside them!

Bracelets have long been used to mark special milestones such as marriages, deaths and wars. Bracelets also served as protection from evil spirits or harsh weather and to encourage spring’s arrival faster. Each type of bracelet offers its own special meaning in our culture: love, friendship and protection are just a few reasons they make the perfect gifts or tokens of appreciation for those in your life.


Rings have long been used as symbols of love, friendship and commitment. Adorned with gemstones and beautifully engraved to mark an occasion such as “I adore you”, they make for the perfect way to commemorate someone special or mark important dates and cities. Signet rings – commonly found among Egypt’s treasures – offer another means for this type of tokening ceremony and are an especially special way of remembering loved ones and cities that matter.

Jewelery was an essential accessory in Beauty and the Beast, designed by costume designer Jacqueline Darren to reflect both 18th century French style as well as today’s jewelry trends. Chandelier earrings and velvet chokers – both styles currently in fashion – could be seen worn by many female characters throughout the movie.

This Disney princess earring set will delight all ages who admire Disney princesses. Packaged in an attractive Disney themed gift box, it makes an outstanding accessory to wear whenever the occasion arises.

Inspired by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast prologue, this whimsical sterling silver hoop earring set captures Belle with her beloved library of books and the beautiful rose in an eye-catching design that captures its magical charm. Completed by post and nut closure for secure wear.

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