5 Minute Makeup Routines

5 Minute Makeup Routines

On days when time is short and you need your look done quickly in five minutes or less, an efficient makeup routine that takes five minutes or less can come in handy.

Carmindy has the perfect look to add some spice to your everyday beauty routine with her 5-minute makeup tutorial.

1. Eyes

Eyes are the focal point of your face, so it’s crucial to ensure they look vibrant and fresh. Eyeshadow and mascara can quickly transform their appearance while concealer may suffice to cover dark circles or red spots. A good eyeliner also comes in handy so that you can smudge a line under or across your waterline for an added dramatic touch.

No matter the time or day, makeup products have come a long way since then and now allow anyone to achieve professional looking results with just a few simple steps.

5 Minute Makeup Routines
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Start with a primer to prep your skin before applying light foundation and concealer to cover any spots or discolorations. Finally, add some color with neutral lipstick or gloss for cheeks and lips for that polished, put-together look that works in almost every occasion.

At the end of your five minute makeup routine, don’t forget to define and fill in your eyebrows using clear or tinted gel for an instantaneous finished look that will last the whole day long. This step takes only seconds and will keep your brows full yet natural-looking throughout the day – perfect way to end off this quick routine while your hair dries!

2. Brows

Eyebrows are an integral part of our facial structure and help frame our eyes, acting to keep moisture such as sweat or rain out of our vision and maintaining clear sight. Their curved shapes also play an integral role in facial expression and body language – often more so than eyes themselves1.1

Unfortunately, most women don’t devote enough time to grooming their eyebrows properly. Unruly or sparse brows can make your whole face appear untidy and disorganized; on the other hand, well-groomed brows create a polished appearance that flatters all facial structures.

Make brows the highlight of your makeup routine quickly and simply with just a few products that take minutes to apply. Keep things straightforward so that this routine remains manageable even on hectic days.

The best brow gels and pencils are lightweight, easily blending in with your natural hair color, with mascara filling in any sparse spots or adding definition. A pomade offers bolder results lasting longer than any regular pencil product.

To achieve a natural-looking brow, begin by filling in the outer edges with a lighter shade and darkening their center before filling any remaining gaps with darkening pigment. Finally, comb through them with a spoolie for evenly distributed color.

As you rush out the door, a quick makeup routine can make all the difference in getting ready in less than five minutes! Follow this step-by-step guide for an impeccable finish in under five minutes! For optimal radiance and rejuvenation, finish your look off with Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Rosewater or Evian’s Brumisateur Natural Mineral Water Facial Mist as an invigorating mist to revive your complexion – either will help ensure an unforgettable look.

3. Lips

The lips are the visible part of the mouth and a fleshy, pink, movable organ which primarily serves to digest food, sense touch, and articulate speech. They’re known as “labium superior”, while their lower counterpart is known as “labium inferior”. Protective features for lips include outer layer of skin protection as well as thin muscular flap (orbicularis oris muscle) and deep fat compartment. Furthermore, upper and lower lips are divided by a vertical groove called the philtrum which extends between nose and mouth.

On weekends you may have time for more involved makeup looks, but on weekdays a quick, efficient routine that gets you out the door quickly is key. A few essential products that work well with your natural color palette and complement daily outfits is ideal.

No matter your skill level or age, finding a makeup routine tailored specifically to your face shape is key to streamlining your morning beauty regimen. Below we’ve gathered our favorite 5-minute looks that’ll help make sure that when the clock strikes zero on Monday morning you don’t look like you just rolled out of bed three seconds ago!

Drew Barrymore understands what it’s like to be short on time; therefore she recently shared her five-minute mom makeup routine on Instagram that included Flower Beauty products such as Supernova Celestial Skin Elixir, Chill Out Smoothing Color Corrector, Spotlight Liquid Highlighter Bitten Lip Stain and Fiber Fix Brow Gel.

4. Eyeliner

Eye liner is an effective way to add definition and can help create different looks, including cat eye or winged liner looks. Additionally, eye liners can also serve as tools to highlight certain areas of the eye; applying it above or below upper lashes, along the waterline or both is possible. Available shades range from classic black and brown hues, primary hues such as primary colors or frosty silver/gold shades all the way up to glitter-flecked options!

Pencil eyeliner is an ideal option for beginners who need quick and simple makeup application on a hectic morning. Not only is it quick-drying and smudge resistant, it will stay put all day. To apply a pencil eyeliner correctly, simply make small dots in the center of your lid before connecting them together into a line.

Liquid eyeliner is an increasingly popular choice among those seeking more dramatic, bold and long-lasting eye looks. You can apply liquid eyeliner above or below your lash line, creating many different eye looks such as tight waterline lines, cat eyes or even smoky shadow shadow looks.

Liquid eyeliner can be intimidating for beginners to makeup, but with practice and the help of high-quality products you can learn how to apply it effortlessly. Warming up the liner before application will help it achieve a gel-like consistency for easier application, while propping your elbow up provides extra stability when doing so.

5. Highlighter

Highlighter can add some extra shine to your makeup regimen, mimicking how natural light illuminates various parts of the face for an illuminated glow, according to Los Angeles-based makeup artist Robin Black. Additionally, highlighters help draw attention to features and draw them out more than ever! To help you perfect your highlighter game we have rounded up some of the top products on the market and demonstrate where best to apply them for an expert finish.

Highlighters come in various formulas, such as powder, cream and liquid; finding one suitable to your skin type is key. If you have oily skin, powder highlights will last longer without shifting around while creams and liquid highlighters tend to work best with dry skin as they provide more flexibility when it comes to absorption.

This highlighter looks luxurious thanks to its luxurious packaging and creamy texture; however, its true draw lies in the ingredients it contains: Glycerin, Tamarin Indica Seed and Oat Kernel Extract are included for optimal skin nourishing benefits.

This dual highlighter and contour stick is ideal for on-the-go makeup application. Use it on cheekbones, eyelids or lips directly for a radiant and glowing effect – available in multiple shades to accommodate various skin tones from Black-owned businesses!

This powder highlighter boasts both matte and shimmery shades to complement your complexion, infused with shea butter and niacinamide for healthy-looking skin. To create an effortlessly flattering glow, apply it on top of cheekbones before pulling it up under temples for subtle yet flattering illumination.

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