10 Best Orange Perfumes to Smell Fruity And Fresh All Day

10 Best Orange Perfumes to Smell Fruity And Fresh All Day

Long considered childish and reserved only for teenage girls who slathered themselves with body spray, fruit-scented perfumes are now being combined with earthy notes such as musk to create more sophisticated fragrances.

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange is an invigorating everyday fragrance, featuring notes of peach and cardamom for added depth and distinctiveness.

Beyonce Heat Rush

Beyonce Heat Rush is a feminine fragrance housed in a glass bottle, featuring tropical notes such as passion fruit, blood orange and cherry in its top notes; mango blossom, hibiscus and orchids in its middle notes and sandalwood and musk in its base notes make it suitable for hot weather conditions.

Beyonce is well-known for having an impressive array of perfumes in her fragrance collection, so this one should please her fans. Available at most beauty stores and online, its availability makes this an easy purchase decision. As body chemistry can affect how perfumes smell on you it’s important to read up before purchasing your chosen scents.

This fragrance is an ideal option for mature women looking for a sweet and exotic perfume, or those who enjoy the aroma of fresh fruits.

Tocca Stella

This Tocca perfume captures the playful spirit of spontaneity with its vibrant mix of Italian citrus, sweet freesia and spicy lily – wear freely to embrace your inner coquette!

Tocca perfumes have always embodied an aesthetic of simple elegance, and this fragrance exemplifies it perfectly. Boasting similar notes as other Tocca scents but in an elegant and balanced composition. Starting off with orange before moving to white freesia and wild diamond orchid base notes.

Tocca Stella
Tocca Stella

Tocca Stella perfume comes in an opulent glass bottle, featuring a luxurious weight and feel when held. Featuring an eye-catching screw on lid that further elevates its aesthetic appeal. Perfect for women seeking long lasting premium brand fragrance, Tocca Stella makes for the ideal summer and spring fragrance option.

Hugo Boss Orange Woman

Hugo Boss Orange Woman is an intoxicating fragrance combining the liberating scents of apple with white flower notes for an invigorating and delightful experience. It begins with an uplifted burst of crispy apple and bergamot to set an intimately feminine first impression, before subtler heart notes like white flower and orange blossom lend a carefree charm that leaves an uplifting lasting impression. Sandalwood, olive wood, and creamy vanilla come together at its base to provide depth and light intensity – an impressive perfume!

Launched in 2009, this charming women’s fragrance features cheerful aromas to perfectly capture the free and charismatic nature of an attractive woman. To use, spray onto neck and wrists before leaving it alone until dry without rubbing in.

Clinique Happy

Clinique Happy perfume offers an intoxicatingly feminine aroma ideal for daytime occasions. Blending citrus and floral fragrances together, this top seller by the brand features grapefruit, bergamot, spring mimosas and Hawaiian wedding flower hints – providing you with a light yet long-lasting fresh scent throughout the day.

This unique fragrance will brighten your day and build confidence throughout the day, plus it was produced here in America so you can feel good about using it.

If Clinique Happy doesn’t quite satisfy, other fragrances from their line may suit your individual preferences better. Plus, this company offers an easy return policy, making it simple to try various scents until finding your ideal match!

Hermes Eau d’Orange Verte

Hermes Eau d’Orange Verte (originally Eau de Cologne d’Hermes and later changed in 1997) is a classic citrus fragrance featuring notes of bergamot, lemon, mandarin and mint for an invigorating citrus bouquet that makes an ideal summer fragrance.

Hermes perfumes are hard to beat for quality and long-term fragrance enjoyment, not to mention beautiful bottles with various styles available; Hermes Eau d’Orange Veine fragrance comes both as an Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum fragrance option.

Hermes Eau d’Orange is an ideal summer fragrance option, boasting a refreshing yet clean fragrance to leave you feeling amazing all day long. Additionally, its affordable price point makes it accessible across most retailers such as Imaginationperfumery.com.

Dolce & Gabbana Eau de Toilette

Dolce & Gabbana Colognes may not be your cup of tea, but their 2019 perfume may just change that! Boasting woody aromatic notes complemented by sparkling blood orange and Sicilian lemon notes; Juniper Berries; Citrus Fruits are further highlighted with aromatic freshness from Lavender Clary Sage Geranium as well as fiery Pimento Essence to create the desired masculine touch.

This fragrance is an Eau de Toilette, with a lower concentration of fragrance oils (about 15%) than Eau de Parfums and lasting scent that typically lasts 4-5 hours depending on body chemistry and ambient temperature. Packaged in a 100ml Eau de Toilette spray bottle. FragranceX provides this perfume at an unbeatably discounted rate with free shipping available to both US and Canadian addresses, in addition to discounts on various other items in their store.

Dior Addict Eau de Toilette

Dior Addict Eau de Parfum was released in 2018. Boasting a blend of silk tree flower, night queen flower and luscious bourbon vanilla combined with sandalwood and tonka bean notes, this scent is ideal for women who dare to be seductive.

This fragrance is ideal for women who desire a fruity and fresh scent all day long. With notes such as jasmine sambac and Tunisian neroli, it makes an elegant yet casual choice suitable for most events and situations.

Orange blossom absolute is a popular perfume ingredient due to its delicate yet inviting aroma, making you feel feminine yet confident when wearing perfume with it. Orange blossom also boasts fresh green notes which often form base notes in fragrance blends. Furthermore, research suggests anti-ageing benefits and skin moisturization benefits as well as treating acne and other inflammatory conditions effectively.

Dolce & Gabbana Eau de Toilette EDT

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Pour Homme features fresh citrus notes from bergamot, frozen grapefruit and Sicilian mandarin to provide its trademark citrusy scent. Sichuan pepper and rosemary provide spicy yet herbal tones, rounding off this fragrance perfectly.

Middle notes feature neroli and lavender while tobacco and cedarwood make this fragrance suitable for wear in any season – day or night! This scent can also be worn daytime.

A difference between eau de toilette and eau de parfum lies in their fragrance oils concentration levels; toilette contains lower concentrations due to less alcohol, making it suitable for sensitive skin types. However, the intensity of its scent may change based on individual body chemistry and environmental influences.

Tom Ford Mandarino Di Amalfi Acqua

This fragrant fragrance captures a tranquil perspective of Amalfi cliffsides and citrus groves, creating an air of bright tranquility. Combining zesty mandarin, lemon shunmatrice orpur, basil and bracing spearmint for an invigorating fragrance sure to draw them in!

Tom Ford Mandarino Di Amalfi Acqua
Tom Ford Mandarino Di Amalfi Acqua

Tom Ford Private Blend Mandarino Di Amalfi was introduced as a follow up fragrance in 2014, in light blue bottle featuring sleek architectural design. It has now been given its own stand alone release in 2017.

As with the other fragrances on this list, this fragrance begins with refreshing citrus notes such as black pepper and coriander seed, balanced by tarragon, mint and blackcurrant buds for depth. Shiso leaf and jasmine provide floral elements while its base features notes of musk, labdanum vetiver civet. This scent can be worn by both women and men.

Hermes Eau d’Orange Verte Eau de Toilette

Hermes is an esteemed brand that prioritizes quality over price in their products, such as leather goods, perfumes, designer accessories and fragrances for both men and women.

Hermes Eau d’Orange Verte was created in 1979 by Francoise Caron and remains one of the classic scents. Reminiscent of fresh grass and dew-covered orange blossoms, its notes include zest and leaves from lemon, mandarin oranges, mint blackcurrant bud oak moss patchouli.

Ideal for spring and summer days out in the sun or simply hanging with friends, this long-lasting scent makes a statement wherever it goes – be it work or dates! It has excellent projection and makes an elegant impression.


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